Richard Gere


Richard Gere, an American actor famous for his roles in An Officer and a Gentleman, Runaway Bride, and the 2002 film adaptation of the musical Chicago, also practices meditation. Although Gere has been meditating for decades, he recognizes that meditation’s many forms have equal value. “Almost all forms of meditation are a form of looking at the mind,” he explains. “In the beginning you are almost amazed how much noise is going on there. You have no idea how much monkey stuff is going on, how cluttered it is. You look at that and you’re acknowledging what the mind is, you’re taming it, and when you have done that you have learned the power of concentration.” Gere believes that this mental focus and discipline translates to other areas of his life as well, from ordinary concentration to enlightenment. “The only thing that will get us anywhere on the spiritual path…is dedicating ourselves to a daily practice,” he says. It’s not easy, but with a little work, anyone can do it.