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Improves Performance of Therapy Students

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

meditation-image-104A unique Marriage and Family Therapy program at Virginia Tech has found that integrating mindfulness meditation into its curriculum enhances therapy students’ performance and confidence levels. Especially among beginners, the skills learned from meditation help them learn to be emotionally present and focus their attention on the client during therapy sessions. Mindfulness meditation also helps therapy students distance themselves from a cold, problem-solving mentality and instead adopt an empathetic, compassionate therapeutic manner that enhances their level of responsiveness and rapport with the client. Mindfulness meditation teachers in the program found that therapists were more able to focus on others’ issues when they already felt centered and present internally.


Enhances Caregiver Well-being

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

meditation-image-105A recent study out of UCLA suggests that practicing Kirtan Kriya meditation can greatly improve the well-being of caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. With more than 5.4 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s in the U.S., the total number of caregivers is high, and giving that type of care to another takes its emotional toll. Researchers found that practicing very brief daily meditation sessions through yoga (a mantra-based form of meditation called Kirtan Kriya) can greatly improve caregivers’ quality of life and lower depression levels. Since both meditation and yoga are known for their stress-reduction qualities, it makes sense that these mind-body techniques would help reduce the emotional distress of caregivers.


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