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Reduces the Stressors that Lead to War

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

meditation-image-17The Journal of Conflict Resolution reported that when employed on a broad scale within a military context, transcendental meditation has the ability to reduce societal tensions that often lead to war. This meditative technique is known as invincible defence technology, or IDT, when used in a military setting. The program had clear positive effects on those who were trained in IDT. During the Lebanon War in the 1980s, IDT practices had a clear statistical impact on the population, demonstrating a significant reduction in war-related deaths and injuries. Researchers predict that this process could be used with any military, in any part of the world to facilitate prolonged peace in lieu of involvement in future wars.


Defense through Peace

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

meditation-image-18The Pakistani Journal of Management and Social Science recently reported that transcendental meditation has the potential to reduce conflict in combat zones. Researchers propose the establishment of a “Prevention Wing” of the military, which involves training military personnel in transcendental meditation, better known as IDT in this setting. If big enough, groups of personnel who practice IDT twice daily are proven to reduce societal stressors that can cause conflict and result in war. The absence of these stressors, the study suggests, could mean the disappearance of tensions between different countries and other groups in conflict, including religious and ethnic groups. Consequently, through meditation, it is hypothetically possible to avoid a large-scale global conflict.


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