Meditation Tip 4 – Make Yourself Comfortable

Legs crossed, back straight, palms up—chances are good that you’re somewhat familiar with the typical meditation posture. It was designed this way in part to be slightly relaxing without lulling you to sleep. For many of us, though, this position is restrictive at best, and often downright uncomfortable.


Especially for those of you with back pain or circulation problems, crossing your legs or sitting on the floor may cause soreness or pain instead of fostering relaxation and tranquility. If discomfort from your posture is taking focus away from your practice, give yourself a break from this traditional meditation position. Instead, try meditating while seated in a comfortable chair—just make sure to keep your spine straight and your head up.


Your mind is more likely to drift if your body is slumped. To ensure that your mind and body are activated throughout the process, relax your neck and shoulders and keep your eyes closed while meditating. You’ll gain even more benefits from your practice if you maintain an erect yet comfortable posture.