Meditation Tip 10 – Imagine Your Thoughts Drifting Away

Thinking is one of the greatest distractions for meditators of all ages and experience levels. No matter how hard you try, there always seems to be one rogue thought that drifts through your consciousness just as you begin to relax.


Instead of trying to banish all thoughts from your mind, imagine they are dry leaves blowing in the wind and watch them drift away. Gently bring your mind back to focus on your breath or a mantra that you’ve chosen.


Oftentimes, reminding yourself to simply “not think” has negative effects, leading to added stress or tension. It could even spur you to think more. To combat this, when you catch yourself focusing too hard on a particular thought, simply imagine blowing it away. It swirls out of sight, leaving you calm and relaxed, ready to return to your meditation—stress free.