Meditation Tip 12 – Never Forget to Meditate by Giving Yourself Reminders to Meditate


If you’re juggling multiple clients or projects, or trying to balance family and kids, remembering to set aside time for yourself can be difficult. We all know how easy it is to forget or forego the self-care habits that will bring more patience, productivity, and peace to your daily life. Combat this tendency to forget by setting a few meditation reminders.


If you’re a forgetful person, or even just a little overworked, take advantage of the resources available to you by scheduling reminders. Consider setting a recurring alarm on your cell phone, or leaving multiple sticky notes around your home telling you to devote some time to self-reflection.


Whatever method you choose, make an effort to respond to your reminders immediately instead of leaving them until later. Before too long, reminders won’t be necessary—you’ll actually be looking forward to your meditation time!