Meditation Tip 13 – Keep your Meditation Practice on Track by Going Easy on Yourself

No matter how experienced you are, sometimes you’ll sit down to meditate and nothing will come. It might be impossible to quiet your mind, or your eyes may refuse to stay closed. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Feeling stalled with meditation every once in a while is normal, and we must all accept that our practices will vary with our mood, energy level, health, and natural ability.


Instead of being critical with yourself when you’re having trouble focusing, allow your brain to roam and simply observe the thoughts as they flow freely. You’ll likely find that after you let your thoughts run, they will eventually slow and you’ll be able to refocus your mind on meditating. If your mind doesn’t quiet down, don’t despair. Be grateful for having the time to dedicate to your practice, and look forward to a new session the next day.


Remember, the benefits of meditation are varied and enduring. Don’t let one frustrating meditation session derail your long-term practice.