Meditation Tip 5 – Focus on Sensations

Our daily lives are filled with opportunities to think, judge, and rationalize. Whether we’re problem solving issues at work or simply trying to plan dinner, our brains work nonstop to keep things running smoothly. As hard as our minds work for us, we often forget to let them rest. Meditation does just that.


Meditating allows our brain to let go of some of its ongoing tasks and refuel for whatever lies ahead.

For many of us, simply quieting our thoughts is daunting, if not impossible. The easiest alternative to seeking complete mental silence is instead becoming more attuned to your body. As you meditate, how does it feel to breathe? Where do you feel tension dissolving in your body?


Whenever you find your mind wandering back to daily concerns, focus instead on the physical sensations within yourself. By sensing instead of thinking, you give your body, mind, and spirit a chance to relax and recharge.