Meditation Tip 8 – Avoid Dozing off While Meditating by Reconfiguring Your Meditation Space

Most, if not all, beginning meditators struggle with falling asleep while meditating. This is perfectly normal—from a very young age, we learn that relaxation and silence are cues for sleep. Overcoming this cultural programming, even temporarily, can be difficult. The best way to stay alert yet tranquil during your meditation practice is to make small adjustments to your surrounding environment.


Do you meditate in the dark? Try opening the curtains or turning on a small lamp. Do you meditate slumped in a chair? Try a new meditation position, perhaps seated with your legs crossed. Is it too warm? Open a window or turn on a fan.


If you can identify exactly what in your surrounding environment makes you sleepy, you can address these concerns in a practical manner. Reconfiguring your space to stay awake while meditating will allow you to reap its benefits through a deeper, more illuminating practice.